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Rock Oil

Rock Oil SAE30

Rock Oil SAE30

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The Rock Oil Classic Range of monograde engine oils has been formulated especially for classic and vintage motor vehicles.

Over the years, many additives have been developed to keep engine internals clean and hold contaminating particles in suspension. The problem posed by historic motor vehicles is that detergents used in current multi-grade oils are not suitable because they are too severe and scavenge sealant and gasket compounds, causing oil weeps even when components have been assembled with great care. Therefore, Rock Oil has developed special additives to hold contaminants in suspension and keep internals clean whilst having a substantially reduced effect on sealant materials.

The engine oils capable of performing under the most severe high-temperature conditions whilst maintaining easy cold start characteristics and a high standard of internal component cleanliness whilst protecting against wear and seizure.

Large molecular base mineral oil structure provides the exceptional anti-wear properties that classic and vintage motor vehicles were designed to run on.

The extra advantage of modern technology ensures that rare and prized engine internals are given maximum protection under all conditions.

Suitable for use as engine, transmission and axle oils in applications where the viscosity grade/type is recommended

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