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Stihl FSA57 Cordless Grass Trimmer - Ak System

Stihl FSA57 Cordless Grass Trimmer - Ak System

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Lightweight cordless grass trimmer with high mowing performance. Cutting circle diameter of 280 mm, adjustable shaft length at the press of a button and handle adjustment without any tools. Soft handle with control lever. The mowing line automatically extends when the mowing head is tapped on the ground. AutoCut C 3-2 nylon mowing head that can be refilled from the outside with no tools needed. The optional PolyCut 3-2 with blades can also be used.
  • Individual tool without battery and without charger
  • Lightweight cordless brushcutter with high mowing performance
  • Ideal for maintaining small lawns and lawn edges
  • For use in noise-sensitive areas
  • Mowing line can be attached to mowing head without the use of tools
  • Ergonomic working thanks to adjustable shaft length
  • Spacer for protecting obstacles such as trees and shrubs during work



Cordless technology AK System
Standard cutting tool AutoCut C 3-2
Recommended battery AK 10
Weight 3.5 kg 1)
Weight without battery 2.7 kg 2)
Rated voltage 36 V
Working time with recommended battery 25 min
Sound pressure level 74 dB(A) 3)
Sound power level 89 dB(A) 3)
Vibration value, left, with line head 4 m/s2 4)
Vibration value, right, with line head 4 m/s2 4)
Total length 149 cm 5)
Cutting diameter 280 mm
Working time with AK 10 battery up to 25 min 6)
Working time with AK 20 battery up to 50 min 6)
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