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Stihl MotoMix

Stihl MotoMix

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STIHL MotoMix is our patented premixed fuel, specially blended for ultimate performance.

This 50:1 ready-mixed fuel is a combination of premium non-ethanol, high-octane motor fuel for all STIHL 2-stroke engines which gives you optimum performance, excellent cold start properties, maximum acceleration over the entire rpm range and perfect running characteristics even with a sudden rev change.

MotoMix uses STIHL HP ultra-premium oil for exceptional engine lubrication and extreme cleanliness. It’s fully synthetic and biodegradable for optimal performance and long service life. MotoMix is user- and engine-friendly thanks to fewer emissions (free from ethanol; almost no olefins and aromatic compounds).

Can be kept in storage for up to five years.

Please note: 20 L MotoMix canisters should not be used as portable storage units/dispensing units. Please use a 20L metal canister for transporting and dispensing MotoMix whilst on the move.


  • Fuel mix ratio (1:50) suitable for all STIHL 2-stroke engines
  • For optimum performance, outstanding engine lubrication, and exceptional cleanliness
  • Exceptional cold start properties and flawless running characteristics
  • Free from ethanol; almost no olefins and aromatic compounds

    Hazard and safety instructions



    Extremely flammable liquid and vapour. Causes skin irritation. May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways. May cause drowsiness or dizziness. Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.


    Octane number >95 RON
    Octane rating 93 MOZ
    Benzene content 0.03 % Vol.
    Sulphur content 3 mg/kg
    Shelf life up to 5 Years
    Density at 15°C 690 kg/m3
    Olefin content 0.1 % Vol.
    Vapour pressure at 40 °C 61 kPA
    Two-stroke oil content 1.8 % Vol.


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