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Stihl MS171 Petrol Chainsaw 14"

Stihl MS171 Petrol Chainsaw 14"

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One of a new generation of occasional use saws, the STIHL MS 171 chainsaw features reduced-emission engine technology. Reducing fuel consumption by up to 20% compared to its predecessor, this innovative saw saves the user both time and money. Ideal for homeowners, the STIHL MS 171 is good for cutting firewood, felling small trees or completing clean up tasks.

Instruction is necessary to recognize or assess the dangers of a chainsaw. Please wear protective clothing and equipment.
  • Petrol chainsaws for cutting firewood and for grounds maintenance
  • For domestic users
  • Long service intervals due to the long-life air filter system
  • Side-mounted chain tensioning


    Displacement 31.8 cm³
    Power output 1.3/1.8 kW/bhp
    Bar length 30-35 cm
    Bar length 12-14 in
    Weight 4.3 kg 1)
    Weight 4.77 kg 2)
    Power-to-weight ratio 3.3 kg/kW
    Sound pressure level 99 dB(A) 3)
    Sound power level 112 dB(A) 3)
    Vibration values left/right 4/4.5 m/s2 4)
    STIHL Oilomatic saw chain pitch/type 3/8" P PMM3
    STIHL Oilomatic saw chain pitch/type 3/8" P
    Oil pump Not adjustable
    Tank volume 0.27 l
    Chain pitch 3/8" P
    Chain tensioning Lateral chain tensioning,Side chain tension
    Sprocket - number of teeth 6,6 Z
    Filter Long-term filter system (pre-separation) / standard filter,Long-term filter system / standard filter
    Filter material Flocked,Non-woven fabric
    Bumper spike Plastic claw,Plastic spike
    Cylinder 4 channel / chrome
    Oil tank volume 265 cm³
    Sprocket Profile sprocket,Sprocket profile
    Anti vibration system AV + steel spring
    Filler cap Tools,WTV tool-free tank cap
    EPA Certified fuel consumption 0.73 l/h
    CO² ­ 1072 g/kWh
    Handle type Standard grip,Standard handle
    Exhaust Standard muffler,Standard silencer
    Carburettor Compensator / Limiter Caps / scavenging / Standard Carburettors,Flush template / compensator / limiter caps / standard carburettor
    Speed at maximum power 10000 rpm
    Additional features Ematic chain lubrication system
    EPA Certified fuel consumption 0.192 glh
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